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The Corrupted


Lord Elwynn Valathmir, Second in Command of Oracles

When an individual has died three times they are finally consumed by their parasite. The last remainder of their soul is used to regenerate the body and the parasite successfully takes full control of the host amplifying its powers. The host’s body will mutate towards whatever the power was, for instance if the power is over earth their entire body may suddenly be transformed to different types of stone and metals. They then will be consumed by the Far Realms and pledge allegiance to Dorem, fighting to crush the Chosen and all their plans. They will fight to the death if they must but are not reckless in their attacks. Based on their level of power they had when they were living, this will determine how intelligent and powerful they are as a Corrupted. Someone who has a few adventures under their belt may have a basic intelligence whereas someone who is seasoned may be freakishly smart and conniving. The Chosen’s personalities are often imprinted on heavily with how they died so many are often paranoid, afraid, or enraged. They will stop at nothing to make sure that Dorem’s plans are going to go through and will use their hosts memories to their advantage.

The Corrupted will no longer have any kind of emotional connection to the people they knew in their previous life as it is the parasite that is now in control and the host is for all purposes erased. Their soul has been consumed so they can not be resurrected and their body is just a plaything of the parasite. They will seek to create more Corrupted if possible and will try to lure Chosen away by claiming they remember who they once were and are fighting the enemy still. If you encounter a Corrupted and you’re on your own, run. These beings can only be taken down by a powerful and highly trained group and we do not need to bolster their ranks due to “heroics”.

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