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The Church of the Shining God


Wingover Gimble, Famous Gnome Bard

The enemy will be united through a religion that worships a “Shining God”. Their holy symbol is a set of smiling perfect teeth (Most higher priests wear real teeth around their neck) that sit in the middle of a Sunburst. Once a worshiper is high enough in the sect they will have their eyes removed by gazing at their God and be given blind sight and will maintain a perfect smile. Majority of these worshipers have had their minds shattered and fitted back together to serve their Shining God and fight back against the false gods.

The people who spread word about the religion are incredibly charismatic and friendly and will always happily talk to people and compliment them and tell them about their religion. They will be able to commit horrendous atrocities with a smile across their face and think nothing of it and even seem to be immune to detect evil.

People who have been deemed worthy will even be given the chance to be turned into a Far Realms beast and work their way up the “caste” system and evolve into stronger creatures. Those that are not are just turned into acolytes to spread the good word.

Dorem is the Messiah for the Shining God. She praises hard work, is always smiling, and to make matters worse she believes she is doing the right thing. When the worshipers are high enough rank and gaze upon their god through magical means, the Shining essence is so bright it burns out their eyes and the only thing they see is a giant set of smiling teeth among the light.

The worshipers and Dorem herself all believe that the gods have a plan that is set against all living creatures and that it will come into fruition soon. They believe The Overwhelming Evil is the one true savior and that they need to stand up to the gods who have dictated their lives for too long. The Overwhelming Evil will bring peace, it will bring happiness, and it will have everyone working at their fullest.

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