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The Chosen


Astorea Ereuvya-Alister, Leader of the Oracles

The Chosen are beings that have been selected across time and space to join the Mythos War and fight for their Patron. No one is quite sure who their Patron is though it has been revealed to not be a god native to the world they are pulled to. The Chosen all have a few similar characteristics. They all have a symbol on their left hand. Depending on their patron, they will receive a different symbol. The Chosen that belong to Death Shift’s organization have the three tendrilled symbol, though through Albito it has been revealed that there are many symbols out there. Another characteristic they share is that they no longer age. They can still age through magical means but they will no longer die by natural progression of time. The last trait they all share is they may die three times. By the third death the symbol will have not only consumed their soul but will have consumed their body as well and they will be changed into a monster with heightened abilities and a desire for chaos and destruction. Dorem has somehow found a way to bring their allegiance under her sway the moment they are brought about, they are then known as The Corrupted.

All Chosen are given a power when they receive their symbol. The power is based on their past and personality. If they are a firefighter they could have an ability to resist or control fire or possibly have an affinity over controlling water. If they are a hacker they could have the ability to digitize themselves and items around them and change their properties. As the Chosen progress in power and strength, their abilities will also grow. Depending on how they use their abilities they can even shape the direction that they advance in.

When the tattoo parasite is bringing the user back to life it will envelop them in a black fleshy sac and will recreate the body from scratch. This will remove any tattoos (aside from itself or magical ones), scaring, regenerate lost limbs, cure disease, essentially it will put them back to a perfect form from when they first received their symbol.

The sac can be attacked and destroyed while it is still regenerating the Chosen and this will indeed count as an additional death. If they destroy the sac on their third resurrection it is possible to destroy The Corrupted before it even emerges, though often this can’t be done as the rest of their companions have fallen as well.

The Chosen’s Organizations

There are three organizations that have formed all have the same end goal but sometimes are in disagreement with each other with direction from time to time but in the end all try to band together. There are The Hunters, The Oracles, or Valkyrie’s Chosen. The first of the organizations, the Oracles, was founded just thirty years ago. For a few decades before that the chosen have worked loosely together to try to take down the creatures of the Far Realm, it was only until Dorem came onto the scene and begin ruthlessly taking them down, did the Chosen band together and work on a common goal.

The Hunters

Numbers: 300 est

Leader: Doomsayer, Cyborg Orc Ranger

Headquarters: New Dawn

The Hunters are a group of like minded individuals who dedicate their time and lives to tracking down and hunting the minions of Dorem. They are the most knowledgeable on the enemy’s movements, strategies, and current rankings on the field. They are a solemn group that often work in groups of 3-5 individuals and hail from worlds that are rife with gorilla warfare and strife. The top leaders of the group are highly trained military operatives who who led teams in their world.

In this group there is only The Chosen as they don’t believe the denizens of Faerun can handle these tasks, as they were not chosen by the powers that guide them. Another sole task of the Hunters is to track down the newly arrived Chosen. The Oracles will get visions of who and where they will be and then relay this information to the Hunters, who will then look into locating them.

The Oracles

Numbers: 350 est

Leader: Astorea of House Ereuvya, Moon Elf Wizard

Headquarters: Sanctuary

The Oracles were the first group to be founded thirty years ago and are a group that focuses on their abilities granted to them by their Patron. The main areas of focus are on magic, technology, and divinity. They are often consulted before large battles as it is rumored they have groups that can see into the future. They are the most aware of the goings on in the inner circles of Dorem’s troops and have been successful in navigation the twisted minds of her minions with relatively little loss. In this group they are made up of a majority of The Chosen and a few select gifted individuals who are native to Faerun. The Oracles members cycle in positions where they will go and help out the other troops on the field as magical backup. An oracle is required to assist at least 4 months out of the year with fieldwork.

Valkyrie’s Chosen

Numbers: 3,500 est

Leader: Sven Alister, Human Fighter

Headquarters: New Dawn

The youngest of all the groups, the Valkyrie’s Chosen are a group that would sooner fight than talk about the issue. They have amassed as an army that is ready to take on whatever Dorem is going to throw at them. They are a combination of The Chosen and regular citizens of Faerun that are tired of this threat coming at them each day. In this army there are more denizens of Faerun than The Chosen. A number of the neighboring cities along the Sword Coast and Cormyr have pledged soldiers towards the fight against Dorem, as they too are being terrorized by this threat. This group has the best relations with the general populace and has been noted to be helping out the locals with issues. A lot of local areas are sending troops over to the Valkyries to have them trained in case these new found threats try to take them on.

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