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Where we guested throughout the podverse! 

  • Lovelycraftians - S02E21 - Shackled

    Special guest Brent from Ballad of the Seven Dice joins us this week as we fall through the portal with gangsters Alphonso and Pete. How did they get here? More importantly, how will they get out?


  • Four Orbs & Midnight Kingdoms

    Dave and Dee went to GenCon this year and met up with some podcast friends! They decided to record an episode in their AirBnB and this is that story. Did you think the Chaos Portal was gone forever? If you did you were wrong because today Chism Rism tests the effects of the Chaos Portal on a living being. This is that test.

    Bernard Busybody

  • Multiclass Theatre - Globius Trottus

    A family joins together to battle a vicious sand chimera!

    Globius Trottus

  • Midnight Kingdom - The Village Once Known as Blackburn

    Lucas plays a character known as Eltra Wanderstaff, a halfling paladin who is a part of a holy order that keeps an eye on the Gloom that is slowly corrupting the world

    Eltra Wanderstaff

  • Gnomercy - The Hero

    Lucas has been playing a character known as The Hero, an undead hero who has survived throughout the ages.

    The Hero

  • Four Orbs - Vorin

    Throughout the campaign The Ramora Chronicles, Lucas played the villain Vorin the Guardian of Evil

    Vorin - Guardian of Evil

  • Four Orbs - Ziv Reinholt

    Throughout Season 2 Lucas played a character named Ziv who was featured in many of the openings.

    Ziv Reinholt

  • Lovelycraftians - Breakout - Our Second Anniversary Special

    To really make our second anniversary since we first launched the podcast special, we decided it would be fun to unlock the door for something deep in a Judge Foundation holding facility. Set today, May 22, 2020, we called in help from Ballad of the Seven Dice and OMEN Investigations for a celebratory cross-over hunt.

    Bernard Busybody

  • Lovelycraftians - Road to Escalante

    Saddle up with the Deathshift crew from Ballad of the Seven Dice as they play through our Wild West one-year anniversary special: The Road to Escalante.


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