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Bernard Busybody

Paladin of the Shining God



Bernard is a Draconian from the world of Krynn. After being found by Dorem while he was raiding a village, she showed him the beautiful light of the Shining God and Bernard saw a new life ahead of him. Joining the faith he took it on himself to fully embrace the love, kindness, and equality that the Shining God taught, and equally embrace the brutality that the Shining God would demand from him from time to time.

Bernard has, for whatever strange cosmic reasoning, been chosen as a Beloved of the Shining God. Every time Bernard dies, he finds himself shortly in his body again but somewhere completely different. This has taken him all across the multiverse and he has almost become a spokesperson of sorts for the Shining God, dealing with extraplanar beings and businesses alike. Bernard truly loves the Shining God and whole heartedly believes he is doing the right thing. He wants Death Shift to stop fighting them and see what they are trying to do, the good they are bringing to this world. Perhaps one day they can just sit, have a nice chat, and enjoy some Judge Foundation bagels.

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