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Sven Ereuvya-Alister

Valkyries Chosen

Leader of Valkyries Chosen



Sven hails from a small European country from Earth. She grew up in a poor town where the people were mean and her parents were uncaring. She found solace in her friendship with others and found that she was a natural born leader. Her parents both being miners led to her working in the mines and getting a strong constitution and a powerful punch. She was tall for a woman, well over six feet and was built like an ox. She could level most men who thought they were trying to be smart.

When she was on earth she formed a support group where people could turn to one another to help get through life’s many difficult obstacles and one day she received a certain message from an old friend saying they could use an ear to talk to. When she arrived at the cafe she found her friend there, pale as a ghost and she looked like she hadn’t slept in a week. Turns out her parents joined some cult of a Shining God and tried dragging her into it. She barely managed to escape with her life and was on the run. She just needed someone to hear her story in case she didn’t make it out of this alive. Sven couldn’t believe her ears when she heard this and jumped at the chance to protect her friend from these cultists. She let her stay the night, and that night a mark appeared on Sven’s left hand though she didn’t notice it. The next day they set off in her truck and made for the border to try to get her into another country when suddenly a truck slammed into the side of hers. Ears ringing and vision blurry with blood, Sven ripped the door off of her truck in anger and pushed the truck a good five feet away from her own, much to her surprise. Her left hand burned. Ripping away her gloves she saw the mark glowing and when she looked up these robed smiling cultists stepped out of the truck. They were her friends parents and they had no eyes, but walked like they could see. Sven quickly rushed them, she punched and kicked like a madman, trying to protect her friend but one of them pulled out a gun and with a few quick shots, she fell to the ground. The last thing she remembers was beginning to stand up and suddenly the earth falling out from underneath her and falling into black.

After that she found herself in Faerun and quickly set about using her powers for good, thinking this some kind of purgatory.

She met Astorea and with her help they founded The Valkyrie’s Chosen, and Sven immediately set about recruiting anyone who would help fight Dorem. After spending many months together Sven began falling for this elven woman she had been able to call friend. The time flew with them working against this newfound enemy and as their camaraderie grew so did her feelings. She finally got the courage one day to take Astorea to the Royal Gardens for a date where she got on one knee and proposed. The custom was an earth one but it was not lost upon Astorea. They quickly wed and enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon away from the horrors of the world for a short time but like with all things during war, it was cut short and they were called back to the front lines.

Sven is a caring, protective, and jovial person who puts others needs ahead of her own. If there was anyone that was fit to lead a just cause, it would be her.

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