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R&D Lead



Sargoth was a folk hero from his lands. He came from a planet that was completely composed of ice and relished in creating new and amazing gadgets. It was due to his gadgets that his people were saved from a horrible fate with an Aboleth overlord.

Sargoth created a device to section off the water an Aboleth was in and electrocuted it with such high voltage that the beast was destroyed in an instant.
Sargoth has always had a good head on his shoulders but his quick temper and his stubbornness have not done him a world of favors. He can make the most advanced forms of machinery in a matter of days and would lose himself completely in the task. After seeing such works of art his people set him up as the chieftain of his village. After some time and many creations Sargoth began to age, as his people usually only live till about sixty. When Sargoth was in his final years his left hand began to itch while he worked on a device that would let him sail the stars.

He finally finished it and was ready to set sail when his health gave out on him. Not being one who wanted to live out his remaining days in a hospital, he forced himself on board and set sail. He sailed out among the stars, delighted that his invention worked, As he sailed out his breath slowed, his heart started to beat less and less and he took his last breath among the stars. When he awoke he found himself on the grass in a field outside of Waterdeep. He thought he was in the heavens and walked to Waterdeep only to find this was another world. After showing the people of Waterdeep the wonders he could make he quickly attracted the attention of the Hunters who recruited him in an instant.

Sargoth now runs the R&D team and is ready to take on any challenge thrown his way.

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