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Riley Tyler

Valkyries Chosen




Riley is a local from Sanctuary. Born and raised within the walls of this fine city, Riley has loved her home with all of her heart and seeks to protect it from the monstrosities that seek to destroy it. Joining the local guard force she did her best to try to make a difference in her neighborhood. During a patrol she rounded the corner with her two partners and witnessed something terrible. A large rubbery black skinned winged creature with no face was sifting through a person's stomach as though looking through a coin purse. Her partners snapped immediately and took off screaming. Riley's first instinct was to draw her sword and take out this creature before it hurt anyone.

Going into autopilot, she charged forward with her blade and sliced at the creature. The two exchanged blows and just as the Chosen were arriving at the scene to take out the creature, Sven watched as Riley delivered the final blow into the creatures chest. Pulling out her sword with a tired angry look on her face she non nonchalantly pointed it towards the Chosen and said, "Don't worry citizens... you're safe.". Wiping off her blade she walked away to the nearest tavern. She was shortly recruited to the ranks of the Chosen afterwards and joined the Valkyrie's Chosen at Sven's request. Now Riley just does her best to try to keep these creatures out of her home.

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