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Field Agent



A shadar-kai hailing from a small town in the Plane of Shadows, Noir was a rash and brave fool, as her family would put it. Often in it for a good joke and a great story, Noir would take on impossible tasks. She often found heists, monster hunts, and even grand pranks were her lifeblood and she yearned for something greater.

One day when she was setting up plans for robbing a vase from someone who had too much money on their hands she heard of people talking about a strange being in pure white robes with a pallid featureless mask. Intrigued by such a tale of someone so strange she went to go see them. They were standing in the middle of town square while many guaked and rushed over to see, glowing an off white and facing directly towards Noir, the being raised its hand. “Noir, you have been chosen for something far greater than your meaningless tasks in this plane of shadows. Take my hand and I shall show you true grandeur the likes that has never been seen. “ The staticky voice resonated within Noir’s very being. This was what she has been waiting to hear all her life. These hunts, these heists, these pranks were all meaningless! She marched forward without a second of hesitations and grabbed the being’s hand with her left hand. Pain erupted throughout her entire being and she lost consciousness.

Waking up in the lap of a large woman whose skin seemed like it was made of earth, she stared at a world filled with bright lights and color. She smiled up at the being sitting there looking at her and said “I’m Noir. I think we’re going to be real great friends!”

Since then Noir and Gaia have been inseparable best friends. They do all their missions as a team of two, even when offered new partners that match their abilities more. Noir faced death twice while fighting this war, the first was when she stayed at a brothel and was killed by a cultist that was undercover. The second was when they were out on a mission together and she took a crossbow bolt to protect Gaia. Since then her powers have grown to a very powerful degree and her very being is composed of Shadow, the very power she controls.

Her hair and clothes take on an appearance of almost a shadowy flame and the rest of her is shadowed with faint outlines for her features. With only one life remaining before becoming a Corrupted, Noir is set on making sure it is the best one she has ever lived.

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