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Geoffrey Nightingham


Assistant to Astorea



Geoffrey’s tale is one of loneliness and skill. Geoffrey was a talented assassin in his day and was sought after by kings and presidents from all over the world. If they had a target all they had to do was point him in the direction of said target and that person would disappear. After so many hits Geoffrey began to feel the effects of aging and was looking to settle down, the only problem was that he made too many enemies and his face was too well known.

He decided to try his luck in a small coastal village and much to his surprise he lived peacefully for fifteen years, until his hair had grown grey and his nose long. One day when he was cleaning the floor of his apartment he heard a knock at the door, and he knew it was finally time. He grabbed his knives and pulled on his armored vest and went to the door, ready to take on whatever life was ready to throw at him, but that’s when he saw an old man, with tight fitting skin, a smile that didn’t sit quite right, yellow eyes, and grey dry hair.

He narrowed his eyes and said “I don’t remember angering you old man, you best leave this place if you wish to live.” and before he knew it the old man was in front of him with his hand through his chest and a laugh just escaping his lips. “Ack, Ack, Ack, i love it when they think they are stronger, Oh good it looks like i got you without your tattoo”. Geoffrey kicked about and tried to get the man’s hand out of his chest only to feel his left hand suddenly burn.

A yellow glow came from the back of his left hand and the bearded man screamed, “NOOOOOOOO” and began beating him. Geoffrey managed to push away from the old man and just as he was falling onto his bed, he fell right through it into darkness.

Geoffrey awoke in Sanctuary at a table across from a surprised Elwin. He quickly spun the tale that he was a butler and was brought here by a strange man. Elwin saw through the lie but saw that he did not want to reveal his past and let it sit. They worked together fighting the war and were joined by Albito before the war was lost. They fled to Faerun where they met Astorea and her Oracles. He grew to love Astorea as a friend and a confidant, someone he could share secrets with that weighed heavy on him for many years. The two of them would spend many evening together with Geoffrey bringing her tea or telling her about the daily news of the organization. Tea time with Geoffrey was a time she would never give up, and one thing Geoffrey would sorely miss if anything were to happen.

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