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Garlux Chainbreaker


R&D Researcher

Half Orc


Garlux is from one of the most wealthy and well established noble houses on his planet. They are a family of weapon developers and have created some of the most dangerous weapons his planet had ever seen. Garlux has always had a knack for building weaponry and it was the one thing that always made sense to him. His older siblings all had a good head for leadership and sales but his parents were most proud of him because of the wonders that his hands could create. They pushed him and pushed him and he always surpassed their expectations. What was work to most was pure pleasure for Garlux and he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

His planet was in a constant state of warfare be it guerilla or world war, so his work never ended. One day while testing out a shield generator he noticed that the small facility he was in was oddly quiet. When he went out to investigate he found that every worker had been slaughtered and there stood Father Solomon Matthews, back to him and drenched in the blood of his fellow co workers. Father Matthews slowly turned his head completely around with his body seeming to stay where it was and he smiled. Garlux grabbed a rifle close by but by the time he lifted it he suddenly felt himself falling. When he looked up his body was still standing there, though it was missing a head, and he was on the floor. When the realization struck him everything had faded to black and he had come to in this world.

Garlux is not one who desires to fight but feels like he must. After the death of his two elven friends he has been very disturbed and wishes to do nothing more than to make weapons. Astorea has been counselling him and helping him through these tough times, but he still feels like he is suffocating.

Garlux is a far more sensitive man than he lets on and wants nothing more than to continue his passion. He hates seeing any of his friends hurt and though he has been away from his family for a while now he is finding that Faerun is quickly becoming a second home that he enjoys.

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