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Elwin Valithmyr


Second in Command of Oracles



Lord Elwyn Valithmyr was once a Rakshasa of high standing among his peers, one that sought power over everything. He was a powerful sorcerer that would hunt otherworldly beings and absorb their powers to grow into his own. Slowly over time he grew bored of taking on mortals and decided to test his luck against divine beings. He found a goddess in the Celestial realms that was of nurturing and raising children, a goddess that most likely could not fight. He set up his most potent magics and deadly poisons and set off to her realm. But it was here that he met his match.

He fought his way through her guards and killed her champion that defended her room and when he burst into the room her found it to be a nursery for a number of different races, children who were abandoned. Something stirred in his blackened soul, for his kind never knew the comforts of a loving parent, and where that would normally never have bothered him in a thousand years, here in this plane of existence that focused around that very essence, it stirred. He looked up and saw a woman in plain clothing who was shushing a baby to sleep. She looked up at him and saw her eyes fill with pity, and that snapped him back to reality. He would not be pitied by some lesser deity, he would slay this fool and take her power for himself. Before he could even take a step she was in front of him, as though she always had been. He braced himself for a blow only to feel her put her arms around him.

Everything in his world shattered. He felt pain. He felt jealous. He felt lost. He wanted a mother that would hold him like this. He wanted to be loved. He wanted to belong and to have someone who would care if something happened to him. Elwyn broke down crying and as he fell to the ground she slowly lowered herself down with him and shushed him to sleep. She sang him lullabies while stroking his head while he rested on her lap and he finally felt something he never had before. He felt loved. He saw it leave, the evil from his heart. It came out of his mouth in an inky black cloud and with a flick of her wrist, the goddess destroyed it. Elwyn found out that all the guards he killed had simply been brought back by her and her champion had never really died because they couldn’t on this realm. After staying for a few days he swore his loyalty to the goddess and asked her name.

She said it was Chauntea, and he suddenly realized whatever information he had received was wrong. This was no lesser goddess, this was one of the oldest goddesses in all of Toril. She had not only spared his life but given him a new one filled with hope, love, and purpose.

It was later that year that Elwyn found the mark on his left hand. He joined a war that enveloped an entire planet but the planet was quickly overwhelmed as the denizens fought the Chosen and sided with the Church of the Shining God. After fleeing the world with Geoffrey and Albito, they came to Faerun and met Astorea when she was just beginning to assemble to Oracles. He quickly joined wanting to make a difference in the world, a good difference.

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