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Leader of the Oracles



Doomsayer was a prophet of his people that lived on a small planetoid where they stuck close to the cultures of his kind. There they lived, not peacefully as there were fights and wars that often meet the orcish people, but they lived the way they wished to live. One day a starship approached his planet and many of his people were captured and enslaved. Being vastly inferior in both numbers and technology, the orcs felt that defeat was imminent. That was when the sight was granted to Doomsayer, and Gruumsh showed him leading his people to war, and taking the ship. He rallied all the tribes on the small world, he gathered as many supplies, magic, and divine might, and he led his people to war. The war was hard fought but they had won in the end, only to realize they had just taken out a scouting ship.

When the rest of the fleet arrived his people were brutally defeated and he was captured. After they found out he had the sight they set about modifying him to make him a heavy psychic combat unit. He went along with the procedures, as he felt powerless to stop them, and that’s when he saw it. Visions of faerun, a place for him to once more be free, to fight against enemies he would choose. One day he awoke and he knew this day was the one he would need to die on in order to enter that world. He got out of bed and immediately started killing and attacking anyone on the ship, fellow modified soldiers and personnel alike. After taking out many combatants he finally met his end when he was jettisoned into outer space. While he floated away and felt the cold take him, he smiled and felt his left hand begin to burn as he was met with a feeling of weightlessness and falling.

Doomsayer is a man of few words and one who believes in the freedom of choice, and that everyone should only be here if they wish to be. He leads the Hunters because they look up to him and follow his leadership for he has never led them astray.

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