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Billy Pendragon

Valkyries Chosen

Transport Officer



Billy comes from a world where magic is just an everyday part of life. Billy was just finishing up his last year of community wizarding college when he decided to go to a wild sorcerer's party one night. He left to the party and the night was a blur, when he awoke he was the only one left alive. Everyone in the house was sacrificed to summon a creature of the outer planes. Billy stumbled up and knocked over the magical beer pong table alerting the being. They stood there with white robes and a strange expressionless pallid mask. They slowly marched towards Billy, and he panicked and tried to run. No matter how fast he ran he couldn't seem to get away from the creature, and to top it off he couldn't escape the house.

He quickly locked himself in a room and raced his mind to prepare a few spells. He wouldn't be caught pants down with this planar fool! He prepared a fire bolt when from behind him he heard a rustle. He whipped around and the being grabbed his left hand, extinguishing the flame and crushed his hand. Billy passed out from the pain and woke up in a small shack filled with root vegetables. Stumbling out of it he saw a half orc with spectacles and two tattooed elves. "So, like, are you guys the cops or something?" Since then Billy has been the portal mage for the Valkyrie's Chosen and just goes along for the ride.

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