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Astorea Ereuvya-Alister


Leader of Oracles

Moon Elf


Astorea was a renowned wizard of Myth Drannor, studying the complexities of divination and conjuration magics. Always known to take the leadership role, Astorea would lead a group of elves through a number of rituals to protect their dear city of Myth Drannor along with her friends and family. She, like many in this city, had a very open view on races and held no hatred for them, even the goblinkind who attacked her city.

When Astorea was growing old in her years many of her kind chose to retreat to elven realms to bolster an army or preserve elven culture but something stirred in Astorea, she couldn’t just sit on the sidelines of history anymore. Coincidentally the next year she was getting ready to head out and explore the world when her left hand began to itch and the mark appeared. Somewhat horrified she tried everything she could to take this mark off but after nothing worked she decided to do research into this parasite and see if there were others like her. And there were. She traveled the north and found a number of people like her, some with a tattoo just on their hand, others with it up their shoulder recounting how it brought them back to life, and even some who died one too many times and had become corrupted beasts. She eventually was able to unify many of these people as they found themselves one by one getting picked off by some unknown force and they started the first organization, The Oracles. With Astorea as the founder they have led to many great achievements and helped found The Valkyrie’s Chosen and The Hunters.

During Astorea’s time with the Chosen she fell in love with Sven Allister, the leader of the Valkyrie’s Chosen. At first it was the two of them spending a lot of time together, planning on different ways to fight their enemy but their hearts grew fonder for one another and soon a romance blossomed. After a number of years of spending their time side by side fighting against an overwhelming enemy, they tied the knot and for a short time they were able to enjoy the peace and relaxation of their honeymoon, but of course this was short lived as these things are during war. Now she stands strong commanding the troops in the Oracles and coordinating attacks against Dorem and her minions.

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