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Albito The Wise


Chosen Historian

Psionic Jellyfish


Albito comes from a race of gelatinous beings who inhabit a planet composed mostly of deadly gases. They have small numbers but the beings who survive the planets harsh conditions are incredibly powerful in psionics. They have been long standing opponents of the Illithids since the dawn of time and have always fought for the side of order and neutrality. The reason Ablito fights for the Chosen is because they does not wish to see the worlds swallowed into chaos. They believe that they have been chosen to fight alongside these other beings because they can offer the logical and forward thinking initiative that many organic beings lose sight of due to emotions.

Albito was chosen a bit differently. One day when he was looking through the records he was interrupted by a man with a pallid mask and white robes. He was asked if he would fight for a war that would stop a being who was otherwise unstoppable, from consuming the known multiverse. He was also told it would more than likely be the death of him, and could very well eradicate his being and memory. Albito paused for a moment, his kind almost never need to pause to think, they seem to have an answer on hand for whatever you throw their way. He floated before this man for some time before finally answering “Yes”. The man asked why it took him so long to consider and Albito said “I never thought i could be erased, for the first time i felt fear. We do not feel and for this very reason i knew i must fight.”

Albito then went to a world that was in the middle of their Mythos War and met Elwin and Geoffrey. There they fought until the end where they had to flee to Faerun where they knew the next war would be. They met Astorea and quickly joined the Oracles seeing that she was the right person to lead.

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