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Aeoden Tetherin


Field Agent



An human from a world dedicated to Necromancy, Aeoden has an affiinity with working with undead and creatures of similar natures. With white hair, white skin, red eyes, and a garb made of pelts and bones this man strikes an imposing figure when first encountered. Aeoden’s world valued life after death more than it valued life itself and was ruled by the dead. People were given a certain amount of years of life before they were transformed into intelligent undead. If they broke rules, fought against the system, or did anything to endanger the way of life they were transformed into mindless undead which was the greatest fear of his people.

Aeoden despised this and desired life, he found great joys in living with his partner and enjoying the beauty of fatherhood, but when the day came for his partner to be transformed they drug her out of the house screaming while he fought against them. Her transformation was quick, and with transforming her life was lost as was her empathy and feelings towards mortals. He watched as his beloved was taken away from him completely and was assigned to raise the children before he would be transformed. His left hand began to itch and a fury raised in him.

One night after tucking in his children in, he went to a friend and asked them to watch his kids as he took a journey. He went to the Soul Pool, an ancient well that holds the souls of the people of his town that keep the undead rejuvenated and kept them from falling apart. Taking out his father’s old staff he closed his eyes. He knew the magic in this staff was deep and powerful, and he was to inherit it when his transformation was complete. He raised the staff above his head and whispered “Take care my little ones, may my actions bring you life and keep away the undeath.” Bringing down the staff he snapped it against the Soul Pool. A flash of blinding white light flashed and sound was so high pitched that he was immediately deafened. He felt his body being blasted away and then everything went from white to black, and he felt himself falling. He landed heavy in a pile of hay where a farmer was standing beside a Half Orc, Garlux, who was waiting for him with a smirk.

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