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Father Solomon Matthews / Ghoulish One

Commander of the Ghouls



Once known as Solomon Matthews, the twin brother of Alderick Matthews and cleric of Lathander, Solomon Matthews was corrupted by a parasite known as the Ghoulish One. No one is quite sure what his intentions are and why he works with Dorem but more often than not it has been noted that his wants and desires are not lining up with hers and it is only a matter of time that one of them makes a move against the other. His appearance though is what often throws others off. This elderly man with skin stretched tight over his wiry body smiles at you. Wearing shabby robes and sporting a long grey bristly beard and balding with long grey hair, this creature appears to be human but something is terribly off. His smile doesn't sit quite right, like he is not used to his own face, his teeth are yellowed and horrid, his skin is stretched like there is something bigger below the surface but the body isn't any larger, and his eyes shine with yellow irises that give off a power that shouldn't be there. A symbol of Lathander dangles around his neck as though mocking the God of the Sun in plain view. His broken finger nails and strong hands flex as he marches toward you in an awkward gait with a confidence that the body should not allow.

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