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It's like an audio movie

I've been listening to these guys for about a year now and am finally getting around to writing this. This pod is amazing and I am excited for each episode to come out on Mondays. I started it way back and right from the start it was like I was listening to a movie. They got sound effects, music, effects on voices, it's really good. I listen to a lot of DnD and Starfinder pods and this is for sure one of my favorites. The party is pretty believable, though they are weird, and their dynamic is something that really draws me in because they feel like they are actually people. I like that M'zi is their professional hunter, Kalsaur is trying to have heart and be a hero, Borodon is trying to make sure they don't die, and Ronee keeps things light and happy even if the others get mad at him. If you want a pod that gives you a good movie feeling, has cool smaller episodes between, and a lot of different guests like for Dorem and Detective Bill, then listent o this show!! It's good, trust me lol

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