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Dorem is ice cold, and i'm here for it

Dorem you crazy and I love you, I need more episodes with you. There is never enough female super villains that are good, not just aching over some lost love or something, instead she is fighting for what is right. I want to see her blasting fools across the yard, make people flee from that power while strutting like Hela. Finally getting a boss wizard who is making them all fall in line and she isn't just 1 dimensional is something i need for the soul, she has some pain and misses her friends but is following through with her duty and is pushing through. This story also has a billion things going on, I feel like i'm going to stand up when it all comes together and shout "I knew it!" in a library or something. I'm really liking the story and the sounds and creepy voices get me sucked in. The players stick to their characters really well too, so it doesn't break that immersion, so good job you four. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes and hope you see my review and give me those scenes! Also I came here from the Lovelycraftians, so you can go ahead and thank Cassie, wingover! - Alexis

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