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Horizon Walker Ranger

M'zi the Githyanki Ranger was born to the war against the Illithid and was taught to hold a sword the moment his hands could grasp a blade. M'zi's life completely revolved around the war. Each day he would train, Polish his blades and armor, learn to fix his items, survive in the wild, track down these horrid aberrations. The more he was taught the more he grew to loathe all aberrations. Though during all this training, something happened that his teachers did not anticipate. M'zi has developed a sense of righteousness towards all enslaved races. Even though he was surrounded by a world of cold order and war, he grew a sense of compassion for those who suffered what his people had endured for centuries.

During his time among his people, M'zi began to notice a pattern. When his fellow soldiers began to grow stronger and stronger, they would see the Queen and then disappear. After seeing this, his close friend Zin brought him to meet a resistance cell, and M'zi learned the truth. They were enslaved by their Queen and she was aiming to become a God. He joined their forces and worked to help out an end to her. Though little did M'zi know, he would be swept away into a new war that would endanger his people even more.

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