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Wingover Gimble, Famous Gnome Bard

Famous Gnome Bard


Famous Bard

Famous Gnome Bard, Wingover was once an adventurer who traveled to find Sanctuary’s lost prince. After facing many hardships and some difficult decisions, the group went their separate ways never being able to bring answers to the people. After getting a food processing facility and a house in the noble district Wingover started to get comfortable in the city of Sanctuary. He would later travel the world and see the many wonders and terrors that it held and when he was getting ready to settle he met Truth. Realizing what the world was up against he decided to aid the Chosen, forever ensuring that the word would be spread of their heroism and great deeds. Even now, with the dust long settled from the Mythos War, he spreads the word of our heroes who stood against that which would consume worlds.

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