Table of Contents

  1. Dorem Highfyre

  2. Father Solomon Matthews / Ghoulish One​​​​​​

  3. The Beast

  4. The Wraith​

  5. Giles Jordan Pete

  6. Father Gordan Shield

  7. The Creature of Geldspar

  8. The Illithid

  9. Wilbur Whatley

  10. Oblivion

Dorem Highfyre

Dorem was a talented wizard growing up in a small sleepy coastal village along with her friends. Dorem lost her parents at a very young age and the village banded together to help take care of her, though it was not enough for her. One day when she was young, she was adventuring about just outside of the town and fell through a hole in a large hill. She landed on top of a very old and huge brass dragon named Ethix. Ethix had just had his children leave to a new home a few years ago and was lonely, and Dorem’s arrival seemed to be the best thing that could have happened to the two of them.


They quickly bonded over magic, Ethix finding Dorem to have a great potential in the arcane arts, and taught her all he knew. Dorem had finally found a father in Ethix and would spend all his free time learning and living with Ethix.











The townsfolk were worried at first but when the mayor went with Dorem and learned of this he knew this was best for the girl and for the town, an untrained magic user could cause terrible devastation. He agreed to let Ethix and Dorem live together and Dorem couldn’t have been happier.  


When trouble struck and horrible messes began happening, one after another, Dorem and her friends decided to save their town and the surrounding region. After a few years of adventuring it eventually led to them fighting a Fallen Angel called Palgrith The Unclean, who was cast from heaven for thinking and acting on thoughts of genocide of the lesser races. In Dorem’s adventuring years she was always very inquisitive, a little bossy, and loved getting things done right. She reveled in the magic she would learn and her friends were an irreplaceable family to her.


When she was struck by The Overwhelming Evil and had her mind shattered very little remained of this good adventurer. She retained her desire of learning more magic, and in some strange way still held on to her friends and tried to keep them with her, resulting in their deformities. The thing that changed most in Dorem was fear. She was terrified of the Gods. The Overwhelming Evil had set in her mind the notion that the Gods were working together to destroy humanity and all it had worked for, and would not stop until every last living being was enslaved or destroyed, and The Overwhelming Evil could save her if he just managed to open a portal to them. This is what drives Dorem now, and she sees the Chosen as evil soldiers hellbent on destroying everyone and everything under the guise of protectors. She, in every way, shape, and form, believes what she is doing is right and will save everyone.

Father Solomon Matthews / Ghoulish One

Once known as Solomon Matthews, the twin brother of Alderick Matthews and cleric of Lathander, Solomon Matthews was corrupted by a parasite known as the Ghoulish One. No one is quite sure what his intentions are and why he works with Dorem but more often than not it has been noted that his wants and desires are not lining up with hers and it is only a matter of time that one of them makes a move against the other. His appearance though is what often throws others off. This elderly man with skin stretched tight over his wiry body smiles at you. Wearing shabby robes and sporting a long grey bristly beard and balding with long grey hair, this creature appears to be human but something is terribly off. His smile doesn't sit quite right, like he is not used to his own face, his teeth are yellowed and horrid, his skin is stretched like there is something bigger below the surface but the body isn't any larger, and his eyes shine with yellow irises that give off a power that shouldn't be there. A symbol of Lathander dangles around his neck as though mocking the God of the Sun in plain view. His broken finger nails and strong hands flex as he marches toward you in an awkward gait with a confidence that the body should not allow.

The Beast

There are some things that should have died and stayed dead, The Beast is one of them. Once known as the barbarian Alderick Matthews of the Sacred Flame and twin brother of Solomon Matthews, Alderick was corrupted by the Far Realms and turned into a monstrosity. Now only seeking destruction and death, Alderick has become a monstrosity of epic proportions. Standing eight feet tall this headless beast towers above those who dare come near him.








His skin is all missing revealing muscles and tendons and his feet and hands end in massive claws to complement the already gruesome tree trunk sized appendages. Two long tentacles arc about his body ending in spiny grips that seem to move on their own. The most disturbing feature of this creature however is the twisted smiling human face that is embedded in his chest chattering away about a Shining God and the taste of your flesh. Each step it takes towards you seems to darken the ground around it and make a squishing sound, like rotten meat slapping the floor and being pressed.  

The Wraith

Once known as Maleficent, The Wraith is an Far Realms being who has been locked in the Mirror World. Once the rogue of the merry group called The Sacred Flame, Maleficent was childhood friends of Solomon, Aldreck, and Dorem. A sassy and prankster type person, she kept the group laughing even in the darkest of times. After she was corrupted by the Far Realms, she was turned into a creature that should not exist. She is completely hollow, with a connection to a void darker than the space between the stars inside of her. Her eyes, her nose, her mouth, all are just pitch black hollows. When you see her your mind screams, shouting for you to either run from her or destroy her. She travels between the mirror world and our world to carry out Dorem’s assassinations or reconnaissance.

Giles Jordan Pete

Once a priest in the world of Ebberon, Giles witnessed a horrible atrocity that shattered his faith. Dorem found him deep into a bottle and offered him a chance to get the revenge his family deserved.










After seeing what she could do and what she offered he gladly stepped up and quickly became her right hand man in the Church of the Shining God. He created the Three Blades of the Shining God, himself known as The Hand, The Arbitor, and The Seeker. He now seeks to bring justice to the people of the multiverse and bring an end to the era of the gods. With an insidious smile, Giles sets about to do what many could never stomach to do, wage a war against the Gods.

Father Gordan Shield

The leader of the branch of the Church of the Shining God in Sanctuary, Father Gordan seeks to raise his standing in the church and focuses heavily on the numbers. Seeking to find a balance with the city folks and raise his recruiting, he comes off as calculating and a bit cold.

The Creature of Geldspar

Once a Chosen, the creature was slain during an act of treachery. He hunted both goblin and human in the forests surrounding Geldspar. His abilities allowed him to mimic voices, read surface thoughts, and partially transform his body into something he has seen with either his eyes or his mind’s eye.

The Illithid

The mindflayer that escaped M'zi's hunt when he first went on a hunt with Zin, these Illithid freed themselves from their enslavement to their Elderbrain. The day that happened an Ulitharid came by to these Illithid to tell them about the teachings of their long forgotten god, Cthulhu. Long has he slept and now he needs to awaken, and the Illithid are the ones who must do it.








The Illithid were enraptured by the words of this Ulitharid but were distraught because the Elderbrain forbid them from leaving and learning more of Cthulhu. That's when the Ulithard proposed something so simple yet so forbidden to the Illithid; consume the Elderbrain. 

They feasted and the slaves screamed the screams of the Elderbrain, but the Illithid did not stop. The act of eating their central source of their hive mind connection caused all of them to suddenly be disconnected from one another for the first time since their birth. This drove them mad trying to figure out who they were and what they knew. The Ulithard stitched numbers onto each of their robes, 1 - 13. With their minds at ease and their sense of self slowly forming, they marched to their ship with new purpose. They would sail to the world of Abir Toril, and they would awaken Cthulhu who slumbers deep in the oceans of Faerun.

Wilbur Whately

Wilbur Whateley is a descendant of a family who bred with fey. Always having close ties to nature as a result of his ancestry he quickly found his faith in the arms of the nature goddess. Known for being a kind man people would often come to his sermons, even if they were not of faith. He was known for having features like that of a satyr, a goatish face, a strange odor, and some claim he had hair growing from his waist down but he was always fully covered and seemed a bit shy to show anyone.

Wilbur was brought into the Shining God’s church by the selfless actions of Father Solomon Matthews but found out that he was duped and there was a more malicious scheme at work. Not being a warrior at heart he seeks out someone who could protect him from these horrible cultists.


A corrupted Chosen composed of pure darkness who has taken to Dorem’s side after an unfortunate accident. Oblivion seeks to destroy any Chosen that come into her northern territory near Nesme. Her abilities allow her to become a massive cloud of shadow that shreds apart anything that enters it.




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