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Phantom Ice Episode Today!

Join us today for another episode of Nostrodamus Corp: Phantom Ice as our Mech pilots once more get ready to dive into battle! For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the blurb about our new show! Set in the far far future where everyone decided mech combat was the best way to resolve conflicts. This story finds a force of mercenaries bankrolled by the Nostrodamus Corporation and the mysterious R20 Mechanics. The job is to respond to a distress signal located on the ice moon Marker orbiting the gas giant Neos.

These mercenaries are tasked with venturing to the surface and getting to the bottom of the mysterious attacks on the mining outposts set up by the colony.

What slumbers beneath the ice might just be the death of them and the entire galaxy. Did you miss the first episode of this brand new Actual Play? Well good news, you can catch it on YouTube!


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