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New Episode Released!

We have a brand new episode released from our TTRPG Actual Play Escaping Carcosa with our Call of Cthulhu Offline crew and it is also our last episode of Day 1! Exciting! What does this mean? Well we are going to be taking a short break to build our backlog. These episodes take a long time to make and rushing them from episode to episode will destroy me (Lucas)! So we are taking the healthy approach and building it up and then hitting the ground running again! In the meantime, we are going to be releasing some recaps for Day 1. One for the Offline crew and the other for the Online. This will not only be a great refresher for anyone listening along but it also will become a new starting point for brand new listeners! Thank you everyone who has been supporting us along the way, we have been blown away by people joining us to watch our show and the support we have seen along the way. We also plan on releasing some Patreon one shots so get ready for those as they are absolutely amazing! Until next time dear Travellers, I bid you all adieu, Lucas


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