Kalsaur, the tieflings paladin, was born to a small village of tieflings that wholly embraced their demonic nature. They prided themselves in their cruel and unusual rituals and when it came time for Kalsaur to take on his Bloodletting ritual to Orcus, he refuses and as a result was enslaved by his village. Kept in a cage unless he was going chores, Kalsaur was on the brink of giving up on life when he was visited by a cyan light, telling him to hold out and that help was on its way. That same night the Paladins of the Silver Shield came to his rescue and slaughtered the village.

After this he was taken to the pocket dimension where he was raised to be a hero, and follow the path of Yaggdytha, the patron deity of the Silver Shield. At age 26 he was almost ready to make his mark on the world. Naive and with a strong sense of justice, Kalsaur was ripped from the world he knew and shoved into one of warfare and madness

Prologue - Kalsaur


Borodon the dwarven cleric, son of Borodin is the third born of four in the Royal Family of Mons Regnum. Raised and trained to be a royal adviser to good brother Galdin, he walked the path of the cleric in order to help his brother and his kingdom the best he could. One prominent characteristic Borodon has is his Golden arms. All dwarven citizens of Mons Regnum dip their arms into a special ore, Argentum, and mix it with the metal of their class. Being royal, his was gold.

After their father Borodin passed from a mysterious disease, Borodon's training was sped up so he could take the seat beside his brother and new King, Galdin. With the fate of his people weighing on his shoulders, and the pain of his father's passing fresh in his mind, Borodon now must be ready more than ever to save the very people he swore he would help lead.

Prologue - Borodon


Ronee O'Connell, the half elf bard, was born to be a star. Swearing to himself that he wouldn't stop until he became famous, Ronee practiced his lounge singing like anyone else, in a bar. Living in a world that is dominated by trends and fads, Lounge Singing became very popular when a CD containing the best of Dean Martin fell from the sky. For a short period of time, everyone dropped their jobs to be lounge singers, and Ronee was right there in the thick of it. Now Ronee is the only one who stuck with it and is dedicated to becoming famous doing so.

Thirty five, washed up, with a bad spray on tan, a pompadour, platform flip flops, and just enough sequins, Ronee is ready to take the world by storm! Though plan as he might, he certainly did not plan on becoming famous across the stars.

Prologue - Ronee


M'zi the Githyanki Ranger was born to the war against the Illithid and was taught to hold a sword the moment his hands could grasp a blade. M'zi's life completely revolved around the war. Each day he would train, Polish his blades and armor, learn to fix his items, survive in the wild, track down these horrid aberrations. The more he was taught the more he grew to loathe all aberrations. Though during all this training, something happened that his teachers did not anticipate. M'zi has developed a sense of righteousness towards all enslaved races. Even though he was surrounded by a world of cold order and war, he grew a sense of compassion for those who suffered what his people had endured for centuries.

During his time among his people, M'zi began to notice a pattern. When his fellow soldiers began to grow stronger and stronger, they would see the Queen and then disappear. After seeing this, his close friend Zin brought him to meet a resistance cell, and M'zi learned the truth. They were enslaved by their Queen and she was aiming to become a God. He joined their forces and worked to help out an end to her. Though little did M'zi know, he would be swept away into a new war that would endanger his people even more.

Prologue - M'zi 


Draxir hails from the world of Haymor and was a well known mechanical engineer. After serving his required time in the military he met his wife Malriel and quickly fell in love. A father of two bright young boys, Draxir worked for the kingdom of Tempest as they forged their eternal war against the Kingdoms of Bane, Tyr, and Torm. Building an assortment of magi-tech tanks, robots, and weapons, Draxir's heart slowly became more and more tired of the eternal war and the lives it would claim each day. The newly appointed King had great ambitions for their war and demanded that work on the magi-tech be increased tenfold, which resulted in heavy magical pollution. Once lush fields turned to muddy grounds, rain fell that changed the colour and taste of things, animals were mutated by the dense levels of arcane energy. All for the sake of progress in this never ending battle.

One day Draxir slipped up, he made a mistake, and was sentenced to death which meant he would forever be fighting on the front lines until it claimed his life. Little did he know that this tiny design flaw that he introduced into a tank would result on him taking a journey to save the multiverse. 

Prologue - Draxir A War Filled Home

Death Shift


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