A Paladin/Warlock who once belonged to Tempus’ Wave, a mercenary group that was renowned throughout the land, Opus is the last remaining member. Hired by Matthews and Dorem to do their bidding and search for magic items, they would raid the lands finding these riches for them. After being forced to take out his hometown by Dorem’s demands Opus could take no more. After he made a pact with the demon lord Eltab, Opus and his company launched a plan to flee from Matthews. The result was a slaughter, with Opus being the only survivor. He would later meet up with Death Shift to aid them in retrieving a map to Arkham from Dorem’s illusive caravan.  

Detective Misha

A bright and starry eyed half orc detective who seeks to bring justice to those that have done wrong and protect those that are innocent. Never losing a pep in her step, she has been Bill’s partner for a number of years and can be counted on to bring her charm to counter Bill’s pragmatism. Now that the city has entered a dire state, Misha has doubled down and prepared herself to face whatever dangers crawl in the shadows of Sanctuary and bring the citizens the safety they deserve.

Detective Billowin

A keen eyed and wary gnome detective who has weathered the years of harsh leg work that only the most veteran of cops deal with. With a number of experiences behind his belt, Detective Bill seeks to put an end to the strange and wrong in his city and help protect those that he loves. With an unwavering dedication to his job and a loyal partner at his side, he seeks to rid this city of it’s foreign hostile visitors.


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Val the half elf bladesinger is a Chosen from another future Abir Toril. It is uncertain if their land and time were the direct future of this world or if they are from an entirely different timeline but one thing is for certain, Mystra is watching over them. Let's just hope they don't roll a one!

Maha Rhogi

An orc from the lands of the Midnight Kingdoms​, Maha Rhogi is a fearsome orc who became a Chosen after Truth found them on the battlefield and offered them a chance to find a way to save their dying land. Armed with a heavy steel blade and a masterful hand in cooking, Maha is both a kind and wise friend and a fearsome and patient foe. 


Marla-may is a halfling druid who was not so ready to take on a world ending quest but took on her powers and started her journey anyways. After recieving her powers from Truth, Marla-may joined with Undiefy and began hunting after the Blades of the Shining God, the elite force that ran most of the Churches higher functions. Since the Arbiter departed Sanctuary and has been on the run, Marla-may has been leading her party after this horrifying cultist in hopes of putting it to rest.

Richard the Redeemer

Richard the Redeemer was a cleric of Tyr and a citizen who was tired of Dorem's reign. Taking it upon himself in his retired years to once more pick up his hammer and symbol, he went back on the road to save the innocent and defeat the wicked foes that plagued his lands. Unfortunately a trap was laid for him, and he was captured and taken to Arkham where he met Lisbeth and Diar'rna.


Lisbeth the Aasimar Cleric was a devout follower of Lathander and sought to bring light and healing to the corrupted lands. After feeling the pain of the citizens of Nesme and the surrounding area, she took it upon herself to go to these lands and cure the sick and aid the needy. Unfortunately Dorem's forces were aware that beings of light would be attracted to this kind of suffering and she fell victim to a trap they set to those whose hearts were kind. 


Eldo is a halfling captain who wishes to prove to everyone that he is not some dumb halfling who can't do anything. They want to win money from this weird puzzle quest to finally be able to buy their own boat and be a respectable captain among their peers.

Toser Timbers

Toser Timbers is a gnome artificer who desires knowledge above all things. They wish to complete this masterful puzzle that has scared off even the most clever of adventurers. Armed with their intellect, a vast amount of gadgets, and a strange candy corn companion, they are ready to take on the great puzzle in their life.

Gotwild Finderson

Gotwild was an up and coming mage in Waterdeep but due to politics they reached a cap in how far they could go. They fought, studied, sometimes cheated their way to where they got but no matter how hard they tried they could not make it past the barrier of nobility. They found a puzzle that suddenly popped up on a board. The reward was a king's ransom, just enough money and fame to bring them past that which has stopped them. 

Iona Talosan

Iona was a faithful cleric of Talos and one of the most devout followers out there. Born in a storm, lightning struck and they were gifted the blessing of Talos. After hearing the call of their God they followed the storms to the Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. Their goal is to complete this puzzle and offer the prize to their god as their yearly tribute.  


This magical gnome has travelled the cosmos after leaving their home in the Midnight Kingdoms. Shortly after leaving their homelands they found themselves on one of the moons of Sigil. After fighting their way across the moon they found there was no way back. One day he found a golden tricorn hat when he found a reindeer and found himself transported to the North Pole where Santa Clause helped him settle in and learn the ways of the Christmas Elf. 


Master Candycane Licker and toy maker, Cocoa is a cheery Christmas Elf from the North Pole. After having his factory overrun by Fruitcakians, Cocoa teamed up with his pal Schmarpy, a gnome who had arrived in the North Pole two days ago, and TI, a magical robot who had come to save Christmas! With the power of love, friendship, and sweet sweet NOG, Cocoa learns the true meaning of both Christmas and CPR (Christmas Paternal Relaxation).



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