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  1.     Borodin

  2.     Mileya

  3.     Yolanda

  4.     Galdin

  5.     Hilda

  6.     Amelia Erithspear

  7.     Zin

  8.     ​​Dan Bright

  9.     Chanielle Everwinter

  10.     Master Typhon

  11.     Master Ella

  12.     Master Estra​


The previous king of Mons Regnum and Borodon’s father, Borodin was a wise, strong, and respected King. Leading his people through a difficult time with the human nation of The Foundry of Steel, King Borodin managed to successfully negotiate peace talks with Drath’gard and even set up trading and assistance. Long into his reign the King fell ill with a strange sickness. Clerics all tried curing it but no matter how many times they cured it, it seemed that it would just come back. After a few painful months Borodin passed and his crown was passed to his eldest, Galdin, who would take the throne with Prince Borodon as his advisor.

After some mysterious circumstances Borodin has been seen traveling Faerun with members of the Silver Shield along the Sword Coast.





The Queen of Mons Regnum and Borodon’s mother, Mileya was not always of noble blood. When she began her time in the castle, it was as one of the royal guard defending the throne. Her arms were that of steel, not gold, and she served the royal family proudly. It was during this time of protecting Borodin, the prince who was next in line to be king, when a romance began to bloom. During one of their excursions to the goblin tunnels there was a cave in. They were stuck, just the two of them and had to fight their way out. It took days and they had each other’s backs and before they knew it, they only had eyes for one another. Not one for politics and small talk, Mileya took more to training the military forces rather than peace talks, she left that to her husband. She worked on their joint operations with the Rock Trolls and helped train the new forces from Stone Home. When her husband passed, it felt like the most important part of her was gone. She knew she had her children, and she had to protect her legacy, but the mornings were long and the nights were cold. She missed him and just wanted to hold his hand and tell him what a great job his children were doing. She now focuses on her children, so that when she leaves this world she can be satisfied knowing they can not only protect themselves but protect their kingdom.


Yolanda is the younger sibling of Borodon, and the only sibling to enlist in the Royal Guard like her mother. A natural born fighter Yolanda quickly raised in rank and joined the group The Order of the Boar where she got her giant boar Dusktusk, an albino boar that was magically linked to her. Always a loyal and trusting soul, Yolanda dedicated herself to her practice and her city, seeking to end injustice wherever she found it. The day that Borodon was executed was a day that she would never forget. She shouted so much at her siblings, her mother, and her uncle, fighting for Borodon saying he would never do such a thing.







She just knew he was innocent. In his last breathe when he shouted and saved her life, it unlocked the abilities inside her. A portal ripped open around her and she and Dusktusk fell through and ended up in Sigil, right as a certain three quarters elven teen was falling with a robot.


The current ruler of Mons Regnum, Galdin was a perfect combination of his mother and father. Both skilled with a weapon and with words he was incredibly suited to the royal life, and sought to make a better kingdom with his siblings. When his father passed, he was caught off guard, thinking it would be his mother who would rule but she insisted he do it because he needed to not be coddled. The stress took him over and the short time during his rule he was turned against his own brother, paranoia gripping his mind. As his brother’s head rolled that day and the undead broke down the city gates, he knew the mistake he made and feared that he would become the last king of Mons Regnum.


Hilda is the eldest child of the royal family and was the most like their father. She aimed for peace on as many angles as she could and tried her best to improve relations with their cousins the dwarves of the Crystal Halls. For years their people had been at odds with one another, always on the brink of war but in the years she spent on dealing with their nobility she managed to not only win over their minds, but their hearts. During her time there she became close with the crown prince, who at first would have nothing to do with her and her people but she was persistent and needed his ear if she was to have peace between their people. This dedication and courage he saw in her wore away his defenses and he couldn’t help but fall for this golden armed dwarf who held her head high in a city that scorned her.







They worked on making their people unite and shortly before her father’s death, they married and Borodin was able to grant them his blessings and walk his daughter to the stone pedestal that stood between their kingdoms where the wedding took place. Now Hilda stands proud as Queen of the Crystal Halls and princess of the kingdom of Mons Regnum.

Amelia Erithspear

Ronee’s three quarter elf daughter, Amelia was born into a noble house. Her mother , , was a renowned professor who studied ancient magics and it was found that Amelia housed the abilities of something that was known as a “Planewalker”. These beings were born in every few billion and even then not all their abilities unlocked. Unfortunately for Amelia her abilities unlocked due to the trauma of losing her mother. When she came home one day she found the police at her house and her mother being hauled out in a stretcher madly screaming that she didn’t kill the people. Her Robot assistant Ajax came out and quickly went to Amelia and they fled. After a few more terrible incidents she found her father after seeing him on TV and with him they planned an escape but unfortunately her father passed. At the last moments Amelia’s full potential unlocked as the life left her father’s eyes and she ripped a portal open and her and Ajax fell through it into the city of Sigil.


Zin was a Githyanki who knew right from wrong, and swore his life to protecting the freedoms of his people. From the same group that was raised as children on Greyhawk alongside M’zi, Zin brought M’zi into the resistance that sought to overthrow the Queen. From a young age he saw that there was something wrong with the way his people lived under on ruler who seemed to only care about herself and sought to right these wrongs and more than a few times it almost got him killed. If it wasn’t for M’zi and his influence, Zin would have met his fate much sooner.






The day before they went on their mission that would be Zin’s end, he met a Gith that wore crimson robes. They told him about an object that would give him great power over the Illithid and that he should take it with him and gave him the smooth white stone. Little did he know it housed The Ghoulish One in it and he had just accepted a fate worse than death. When the time came that he used the power in the stone, he fully intended to then take it and face the queen, but his body wasn’t strong enough to hold the power and he was destroyed. Since then his soul has been wandering those caves, lost and confused.

Dan Bright

Dan has been with the order since he was a child. They found him in the slums of Sigil, trying to steal food from a local vendor. They brought him back with him and trained him to be a just and devout follower of Yagg’dytha and a member of the Order of the Silver Shield. He rose up the ranks as he was a natural born fighter and leader, able to make the difficult decisions and face his foes head on. He was very proud and so sure of his order until the day they were sent to get Kalsaur. That was a journey that forever changed him, and now he holds doubt in his heart that they are doing the right thing. Still a little quick to anger and as secretive as the Order would like him to be, Dan has been sent to Faerun to figure out what happened to Kalsaur.

Chanielle Everwinter

Chanielle was picked up from a small coastal village that primarily dealt in dealing fruit and fish. They brought her in seeing a potential in her but the teachings have never really stuck to her. A feeling of doubt always touched her mind when she thought about the Order and it’s teachings, she never saw the “good” they kept talking about that they were doing and she didn’t understand why Kalsaur got special treatment for everything.






All she wanted was to go back home and be free from this Order but there was no escape while in the pocket dimension. She didn’t even believe there was even a great and powerful evil until the day the Order was attacked. She saw everyone be slaughtered and had to kill a fellow student in a moment of panic. Since then she has devoted her time to finding Kalsaur and fighting these creatures that will soon cover the entire multiverse.

Master Typhon

The Master Historian of the Order of the Silver Shield, Typhon has always openly stated his hatred for Kalsaur and let everyone know that it was a bad idea to have a tiefling among them. Ordered by Yagg’dytha to train Kalsaur in the history of the people of the multiverse and things like etiquette and monster habits, Typhon made sure it was horrible for him. Unnecessary amounts of reading, constant verbal abuse, report after report expected, and never given a moment's break. This along with his policing of Kalsaur’s social life, Typhon felt he had a smug victory against the people backing this “hero”. After the attack on the Order he realized his mistakes and grew even angrier with Kalsaur. He knew he needed to find him and keep him alive, long enough for their plans to come to fruition.

Master Ella

Master Ella was also one of the main commanders in the forces, just underneath Dan. She was in charge of Kaslaurs combat training and forced him to undertake difficult and rigorous training, but always felt bad for pushing him too far. She had lost her husband when they went to go get Kalsaur and a part of her resented him for it but she felt bad blaming a kid who had no say in the matter. One day during training she swung the training sword too hard and broke Kalsaur’s arm. Feeling terrible she helped fix him up but realized that she had been so hard on him and he was still just  a teenager at the time. She told herself it wasn’t his fault, and vowed to train him, not kill him with her teachings. The day of the attack she felt that creature get in her. She felt it invade her very being.





She fought it off for an hour, just enough time to save Kalsaur from Dan who had gone mad. But then it took her. She suddenly became a passenger in her own body and watched the horrors that creature inflicted upon her students, friends, and colleagues. Just before her body killed Estra, she managed to pull the arm back for a split second, just enough time for Estra to take out the Ghoulish One in her form and save the students.

Master Estra

Master Estra was the master of the mystic arts and guided Kalsaur in quieting his mind and learning to ways of the divine, this included religious teachings and meditation. Estra came from a long line of seers and when the Order came to collect her she already knew what she must do. She has been with the order for over fifty years and is a devout follower of Yagg’dytha. She was the one who had the vision of Kalsaur and helped make the plans with Ella and Dan for sending out their forces to bring him back. She never truly saw Kalsaur as an individual, nor a hero, it was more that she saw Kalsaur as a means to an end. She treated him indifferently and never tried to give him much affection, just enough praise to keep him on track. When the attack happened she was shocked, as she never saw it happening this way. The creature that lived in that smooth white stone, The Ghoulish One was one they only had heard of in tale, never encountering before. In the final moments in Yagg’dytha’s chambers it was due to Master Estra’s sacrifice that The Ghoulish One did not harm anymore people from the Order.


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