Table of Contents

  1.     Steve the Farmer

  2.     Grog Cavehorn

  3.     Aimer Orleck

  4.     Aaron Bordeaux

  5.     Alex the Guard

  6.     Marty the Guard

  7.     Chief Drogan


Steve the Farmer

Steve the Farmer is as his title suggests, a simple farmer. After losing his farm to bad crops and high taxes, Steve brought his family to Geldspar to try to get some kind of living. Only after a short while his family left to Sanctuary and left Steve behind. He stayed in Geldspar just scraping by. When Death Shift stumbled upon him he was recruited to be a guard for the town while they dealt with a goblin threat.

Grog Cavehorn

Standing 3 feet tall covered in scars, Grog is a confident sole survivor of a goblin tribe that was decimated by a group of adventurers. Learning the mistakes of his fallen people strives to ensure the coexistence with them and the surrounding neighbors. Every choice he makes is for the good of his people and for their survival, as far as goblinkind goes he is a rare gem that has brought his people peace, hope, and prosperity.

Aimer Orleck

A nobleman from House Orleck, Aimer is next in line to inherit the family’s leader position. A talented sorcerer and a shrewd businessman, Aimer is a force to be reckoned with amongst nobility. Marrying young for love, Aimer has been seen as a bit of a hopeless romantic amongst his peers who marry for partnerships, but Aimer none the less stands strong beside his beloved and would do anything for her. After her disappearance with her joining the cult, he has stopped at nothing to find her to bring her home.

Aaron Bordeaux

A highway man who would do anything for a bit of coin, Aaron was born in the Maze of Sanctuary. Born to a life of poverty and hardship Aaron found that no one was going to be there to lift him up like in the stories he heard bards tell. Going from street gang to highway man, Aaron made a name for himself as a cut throat who got things done. After accepting a job from a real old and odd cleric, Aaron set his sights on the small farming town of Geldspar.

Alex the Guard

Alex has been a guard of Sanctuary for only a short bit. Growing up wanting to help out and needing a good living wage, Alex signed up for the city guard, but was rejected three times. His parents made him swear that this was his last attempt, and when he was accepted he almost wept he was so happy. He quickly took to his job and did his best each day. The day he lost his partner on the field was the day that Alex learned that being a guard meant more than patrolling and dealing with a few hoodlums now and again. Now he is ready to help Bill with whatever he needs and live up to his job he has been entrusted with.

Marty the Guard

A dwarven guard who has been with city guard of Sanctuary for a few decades, Marty has always been ok with just coasting by. Whether it was just giving a half hearted run, or maybe stopping for a drink or three first before going and knocking on doors for questions, Marty has always looked for the easy way out. After witnessing a terrible act from the Church of the Shining God, he hasn’t been able to just laze around anymore. He keeps seeing things out of the corner of his eyes, his sleeps are interrupted by nightmares, his sense of peace has been robbed and no amount of drink will fix it. Teaming up with Detective Bill and Misha just seemed like the right thing to do. Now Marty is doing his damnedest to get rid of the thing that has been causing his nightmares.

Chief Drogan

Drogan has been the Chief of Police for Sanctuary for just five years now. This older dwarf has seen many fights in his days but after hanging up his axe as an adventurer he took to police work to keep his skills up. He quickly climbed the ranks with breaking up drug rings, collapsing a smuggling ring, and clearing out a wererat hide out from the sewers. Before he knew it while working hard for a decade he became Chief of Police. Many city officials have high hopes for Drogan and hope they continue to see good things from him.  


Comrades Along the Way


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