Table of Contents

  1. Astorea Ereuvya-Alister

  2. Garlux Chainbreaker

  3. Albito the Wise

  4. Geoffrey Nightingham

  5. Elwin Valithmyr

  6. Quintos the Conqueror

  7. Sargoth

  8. Doomsayer

  9. Aeoden Tetherin

  10. Noir

  11. Gaia

  12. Sven Ereuvya-Alister

  13. Billy Pendragon

  14. Riley Tyler


Astorea Ereuvya-Alister

Astorea was a renowned wizard of Myth Drannor, studying the complexities of divination and conjuration magics. Always known to take the leadership role, Astorea would lead a group of elves through a number of rituals to protect their dear city of Myth Drannor along with her friends and family. She, like many in this city, had a very open view on races and held no hatred for them, even the goblinkind who attacked her city.


When Astorea was growing old in her years many of her kind chose to retreat to elven realms to bolster an army or preserve elven culture but something stirred in Astorea, she couldn’t just sit on the sidelines of history anymore. Coincidentally the next year she was getting ready to head out and explore the world when her left hand began to itch and the mark appeared. Somewhat horrified she tried everything she could to take this mark off but after nothing worked she decided to do research into this parasite and see if there were others like her. And there were. She traveled the north and found a number of people like her, some with a tattoo just on their hand, others with it up their shoulder recounting how it brought them back to life, and even some who died one too many times and had become corrupted beasts. She eventually was able to unify many of these people as they found themselves one by one getting picked off by some unknown force and they started the first organization, The Oracles. With Astorea as the founder they have led to many great achievements and helped found The Valkyrie’s Chosen and The Hunters.

During Astorea’s time with the Chosen she fell in love with Sven Allister, the leader of the Valkyrie’s Chosen. At first it was the two of them spending a lot of time together, planning on different ways to fight their enemy but their hearts grew fonder for one another and soon a romance blossomed. After a number of years of spending their time side by side fighting against an overwhelming enemy, they tied the knot and for a short time they were able to enjoy the peace and relaxation of their honeymoon, but of course this was short lived as these things are during war. Now she stands strong commanding the troops in the Oracles and coordinating attacks against Dorem and her minions.


Garlux Chainbreaker

Garlux is from one of the most wealthy and well established noble houses on his planet. They are a family of weapon developers and have created some of the most dangerous weapons his planet had ever seen. Garlux has always had a knack for building weaponry and it was the one thing that always made sense to him. His older siblings all had a good head for leadership and sales but his parents were most proud of him because of the wonders that his hands could create. They pushed him and pushed him and he always surpassed their expectations. What was work to most was pure pleasure for Garlux and he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


His planet was in a constant state of warfare be it guerilla or world war, so his work never ended. One day while testing out a shield generator he noticed that the small facility he was in was oddly quiet. When he went out to investigate he found that every worker had been slaughtered and there stood Father Solomon Matthews, back to him and drenched in the blood of his fellow co workers. Father Matthews slowly turned his head completely around with his body seeming to stay where it was and he smiled. Garlux grabbed a rifle close by but by the time he lifted it he suddenly felt himself falling. When he looked up his body was still standing there, though it was missing a head, and he was on the floor. When the realization struck him everything had faded to black and he had come to in this world.


Garlux is not one who desires to fight but feels like he must. After the death of his two elven friends he has been very disturbed and wishes to do nothing more than to make weapons. Astorea has been counselling him and helping him through these tough times, but he still feels like he is suffocating.


Garlux is a far more sensitive man than he lets on and wants nothing more than to continue his passion. He hates seeing any of his friends hurt and though he has been away from his family for a while now he is finding that Faerun is quickly becoming a second home that he enjoys.

Albito The Wise

Albito comes from a race of gelatinous beings who inhabit a planet composed mostly of deadly gases. They have small numbers but the beings who survive the planets harsh conditions are incredibly powerful in psionics. They have been long standing opponents of the Illithids since the dawn of time and have always fought for the side of order and neutrality. The reason Ablito fights for the Chosen is because they does not wish to see the worlds swallowed into chaos. They believe that they have been chosen to fight alongside these other beings because they can offer the logical and forward thinking initiative that many organic beings lose sight of due to emotions.


Albito was chosen a bit differently. One day when he was looking through the records he was interrupted by a man with a pallid mask and white robes. He was asked if he would fight for a war that would stop a being who was otherwise unstoppable, from consuming the known multiverse. He was also told it would more than likely be the death of him, and could very well eradicate his being and memory. Albito paused for a moment, his kind almost never need to pause to think, they seem to have an answer on hand for whatever you throw their way. He floated before this man for some time before finally answering “Yes”. The man asked why it took him so long to consider and Albito said “I never thought i could be erased, for the first time i felt fear. We do not feel and for this very reason i knew i must fight.”


Albito then went to a world that was in the middle of their Mythos War and met Elwin and Geoffrey. There they fought until the end where they had to flee to Faerun where they knew the next war would be. They met Astorea and quickly joined the Oracles seeing that she was the right person to lead.


Geoffrey Nightingham

Geoffrey’s tale is one of loneliness and skill. Geoffrey was a talented assassin in his day and was sought after by kings and presidents from all over the world. If they had a target all they had to do was point him in the direction of said target and that person would disappear. After so many hits Geoffrey began to feel the effects of aging and was looking to settle down, the only problem was that he made too many enemies and his face was too well known.


He decided to try his luck in a small coastal village and much to his surprise he lived peacefully for fifteen years, until his hair had grown grey and his nose long. One day when he was cleaning the floor of his apartment he heard a knock at the door, and he knew it was finally time. He grabbed his knives and pulled on his armored vest and went to the door, ready to take on whatever life was ready to throw at him, but that’s when he saw an old man, with tight fitting skin, a smile that didn’t sit quite right, yellow eyes, and grey dry hair.


He narrowed his eyes and said “I don’t remember angering you old man, you best leave this place if you wish to live.” and before he knew it the old man was in front of him with his hand through his chest and a laugh just escaping his lips. “Ack, Ack, Ack, i love it when they think they are stronger, Oh good it looks like i got you without your tattoo”. Geoffrey kicked about and tried to get the man’s hand out of his chest only to feel his left hand suddenly burn.






A yellow glow came from the back of his left hand and the bearded man screamed, “NOOOOOOOO” and began beating him. Geoffrey managed to push away from the old man and just as he was falling onto his bed, he fell right through it into darkness.

Geoffrey awoke in Sanctuary at a table across from a surprised Elwin. He quickly spun the tale that he was a butler and was brought here by a strange man. Elwin saw through the lie but saw that he did not want to reveal his past and let it sit. They worked together fighting the war and were joined by Albito before the war was lost. They fled to Faerun where they met Astorea and her Oracles. He grew to love Astorea as a friend and a confidant, someone he could share secrets with that weighed heavy on him for many years. The two of them would spend many evening together with Geoffrey bringing her tea or telling her about the daily news of the organization.  Tea time with Geoffrey was a time she would never give up, and one thing Geoffrey would sorely miss if anything were to happen.

Elwin Valithmyr

Lord Elwyn Valithmyr was once a Rakshasa of high standing amongst his peers, one that sought power over everything. He was a powerful sorcerer that would hunt otherworldly beings and absorb their powers to grow into his own. Slowly over time he grew bored of taking on mortals and decided to test his luck against divine beings. He found a goddess in the Celestial realms that was of nurturing and raising children, a goddess that most likely could not fight. He set up his most potent magics and deadly poisons and set off to her realm. But it was here that he met his match.


He fought his way through her guards and killed her champion that defended her room and when he burst into the room her found it to be a nursery for a number of different races, children who were abandoned. Something stirred in his blackened soul, for his kind never knew the comforts of a loving parent, and where that would normally never have bothered him in a thousand years, here in this plane of existence that focused around that very essence, it stirred. He looked up and saw a woman in plain clothing who was shushing a baby to sleep. She looked up at him and saw her eyes fill with pity, and that snapped him back to reality. He would not be pitied by some lesser deity, he would slay this fool and take her power for himself. Before he could even take a step she was in front of him, as though she always had been. He braced himself for a blow only to feel her put her arms around him.


Everything in his world shattered. He felt pain. He felt jealous. He felt lost. He wanted a mother that would hold him like this. He wanted to be loved. He wanted to belong and to have someone who would care if something happened to him. Elwyn broke down crying and as he fell to the ground she slowly lowered herself down with him and shushed him to sleep. She sang him lullabies while stroking his head while he rested on her lap and he finally felt something he never had before. He felt loved. He saw it leave, the evil from his heart. It came out of his mouth in an inky black cloud and with a flick of her wrist, the goddess destroyed it. Elwyn found out that all the guards he killed had simply been brought back by her and her champion had never really died because they couldn’t on this realm. After staying for a few days he swore his loyalty to the goddess and asked her name.








She said it was Chauntea, and he suddenly realized whatever information he had received was wrong. This was no lesser goddess, this was one of the oldest goddesses in all of Toril. She had not only spared his life but given him a new one filled with hope, love, and purpose.


It was later that year that Elwyn found the mark on his left hand. He joined  a war that enveloped an entire planet but the planet was quickly overwhelmed as the denizens fought the Chosen and sided with the Church of the Shining God. After fleeing the world with Geoffrey and Albito, they came to Faerun and met Astorea when she was just beginning to assemble to Oracles. He quickly joined wanting to make a difference in the world, a good difference.


Quintos the Conqueror

Quintos was born on a planet completely comprised of clones of one man, Gary. They would all do their assigned jobs, all eat the same meal, and all wear the clothes designated to the job. He hated it so much. He was certain other Gary’s must have hated it as well but no one ever talked about it because they were afraid of being replaced. One day he was working his office job when he finally snapped. A Gary came in and told them they all would work the next day, but he wanted to watch the birds near his house. No other Gary did this and it made him feel special, and this was his only day this month that he could watch them. He raised his hand and said “I'm sorry, I can't. I have plans”. Everyone stopped and stared. No Gary had ever had plans. Sure some had assignments and responsibilities but no Gary had their own independent plans.


Gary started getting irritated at the stares and his left hand began to itch. He said again “I have plans, so I'm not going to be here. Thanks.” And he went to sit back down.







The head Gary immediately got on the phone with security and this sent Jeff over the edge. Another thing that would ruin his plans! He took his pencil, walked over and stabbed the other Gary in the neck. “I HAVE PLANS! STOP RUINING MY DAY!!’. Security burst in and Gary quickly jumped out the window. He felt himself fade through the ground and everything faded to black and he found himself in Faerun where shortly after he met Astorea, the woman who would give him his first name and the woman who stole his heart. Gary has been obsessed with her ever since and refuses to join any other team other than the Oracle's even though he has no magic powers. The powers granted to him by his symbol is to create clones of himself, who he despises but often uses them to do the record keeping for the Oracles since he can get a lot done at once.


Sargoth was a folk hero from his lands. He came from a planet that was completely composed of ice and relished in creating new and amazing gadgets. It was due to his gadgets that his people were saved from a horrible fate with an Aboleth overlord. Sargoth created a device to section off the water an Aboleth was in and electrocuted it with such high voltage that the beast was destroyed in an instant.


Sargoth has always had a good head on his shoulders but his quick temper and his stubbornness have not done him a world of favors. He can make the most advanced forms of machinery in a matter of days and would lose himself completely in the task. After seeing such works of art his people set him up as the chieftain of his village. After some time and many creations Sargoth began to age, as his people usually only live till about sixty. When Sargoth was in his final years his left hand began to itch while he worked on a device that would let him sail the stars.





He finally finished it and was ready to set sail when his health gave out on him. Not being one who wanted to live out his remaining days in a hospital, he forced himself on board and set sail. He sailed out amongst the stars, delighted that his invention worked,  As he sailed out his breath slowed, his heart started to beat less and less and he took his last breath amongst the stars. When he awoke he found himself on the grass in a field outside of Waterdeep. He thought he was in the heavens and walked to Waterdeep only to find this was another world. After showing the people of Waterdeep the wonders he could make he quickly attracted the attention of the Hunters who recruited him in an instant.


Sargoth now runs the R&D team and is ready to take on any challenge thrown his way.




Doomsayer was a prophet of his people that lived on a small planetoid where they stuck close to the cultures of his kind. There they lived, not peacefully as there were fights and wars that often meet the orcish people, but they lived the way they wished to live. One day a starship approached his planet and many of his people were captured and enslaved. Being vastly inferior in both numbers and technology, the orcs felt that defeat was imminent. That was when the sight was granted to Doomsayer, and Gruumsh showed him leading his people to war, and taking the ship. He rallied all the tribes on the small world, he gathered as many supplies, magic, and divine might, and he led his people to war. The war was hard fought but they had won in the end, only to realize they had just taken out a scouting ship.





When the rest of the fleet arrived his people were brutally defeated and he was captured. After they found out he had the sight they set about modifying him to make him a heavy psychic combat unit. He went along with the procedures, as he felt powerless to stop them, and that’s when he saw it. Visions of faerun, a place for him to once more be free, to fight against enemies he would choose. One day he awoke and he knew this day was the one he would need to die on in order to enter that world. He got out of bed and immediately started killing and attacking anyone on the ship, fellow modified soldiers and personnel alike. After taking out many combatants he finally met his end when he was jettisoned into outer space. While he floated away and felt the cold take him, he smiled and felt his left hand begin to burn as he was met with a feeling of weightlessness and falling.


Doomsayer is a man of few words and one who believes in the freedom of choice, and that everyone should only be here if they wish to be. He leads the Hunters because they look up to him and follow his leadership for he has never led them astray.

Aeoden Tetherin

An human from a world dedicated to Necromancy, Aeoden has an affiinity with working with undead and creatures of similar natures. With white hair, white skin, red eyes, and a garb made of pelts and bones this man strikes an imposing figure when first encountered. Aeoden’s world valued life after death more than it valued life itself and was ruled by the dead. People were given a certain amount of years of life before they were transformed into intelligent undead. If they broke rules, fought against the system, or did anything to endanger the way of life they were transformed into mindless undead which was the greatest fear of his people.






Aeoden despised this and desired life, he found great joys in living with his partner and enjoying the beauty of fatherhood, but when the day came for his partner to be transformed they drug her out of the house screaming while he fought against them. Her transformation was quick, and with transforming her life was lost as was her empathy and feelings towards mortals. He watched as his beloved was taken away from him completely and was assigned to raise the children before he would be transformed. His left hand began to itch and a fury raised in him.


One night after tucking in his children in, he went to a friend and asked them to watch his kids as he took a journey. He went to the Soul Pool, an ancient well that holds the souls of the people of his town that keep the undead rejuvenated and kept them from falling apart. Taking out his father’s old staff he closed his eyes. He knew the magic in this staff was deep and powerful, and he was to inherit it when his transformation was complete. He raised the staff above his head and whispered “Take care my little ones, may my actions bring you life and keep away the undeath.” Bringing down the staff he snapped it against the Soul Pool. A flash of blinding white light flashed and sound was so high pitched that he was immediately deafened. He felt his body being blasted away and then everything went from white to black, and he felt himself falling. He landed heavy in a pile of hay where a farmer was standing beside a Half Orc, Garlux, who was waiting for him with a smirk.


A shadar-kai hailing from a small town in the Plane of Shadows, Noir was a rash and brave fool, as her family would put it. Often in it for a good joke and a great story, Noir would take on impossible tasks. She often found heists, monster hunts, and even grand pranks were her lifeblood and she yearned for something greater.





One day when she was setting up plans for robbing a vase from someone who had too much money on their hands she heard of people talking about a strange being in pure white robes with a pallid featureless mask. Intrigued by such a tale of someone so strange she went to go see them. They were standing in the middle of town square while many guaked and rushed over to see, glowing an off white and facing directly towards Noir, the being raised its hand. “Noir, you have been chosen for something far greater than your meaningless tasks in this plane of shadows. Take my hand and I shall show you true grandeur the likes that has never been seen. “ The staticky voice resonated within Noir’s very being. This was what she has been waiting to hear all her life. These hunts, these heists, these pranks were all meaningless! She marched forward without a second of hesitations and grabbed the being’s hand with her left hand.  Pain erupted throughout her entire being and she lost consciousness.

Waking up in the lap of a large woman whose skin seemed like it was made of earth, she stared at a world filled with bright lights and color. She smiled up at the being sitting there looking at her and said “I’m Noir. I think we’re going to be real great friends!”


Since then Noir and Gaia have been inseparable best friends. They do all their missions as a team of two, even when offered new partners that match their abilities more. Noir faced death twice while fighting this war, the first was when she stayed at a brothel and was killed by a cultist that was undercover. The second was when they were out on a mission together and she took a crossbow bolt to protect Gaia. Since then her powers have grown to a very powerful degree and her very being is composed of Shadow, the very power she controls.






Her hair and clothes take on an appearance of almost a shadowy flame and the rest of her is shadowed with faint outlines for her features. With only one life remaining before becoming a Corrupted, Noir is set on making sure it is the best one she has ever lived.


An Earth Genasi Queen hailing from the Elemental Plane of Earth, Gaia was used to a life of power and luxury. Her husband and children were the most precious things to her and she ruled her kingdom with a fair but stern stance, valuing protection and order over entertainment and pleasure. When Truth came to her she was shown how her kingdom would fall, her family killed, and her people enslaved. Seeing this she explained it to her family and accepted Truth's offer, joining the Chosen in Faerun. There she met Noir who arrived in the same wave and they have been best friends ever since. 


Valkyries Chosen

Sven Ereuvya-Alister

Sven hails from a small European country from Earth. She grew up in a poor town where the people were mean and her parents were uncaring. She found solace in her friendship with others and found that she was a natural born leader. Her parents both being miners led to her working in the mines and getting a strong constitution and a powerful punch. She was tall for a woman, well over six feet and was built like an ox. She could level most men who thought they were trying to be smart.


When she was on earth she formed a support group where people could turn to one another to help get through life’s many difficult obstacles and one day she received a certain message from an old friend saying they could use an ear to talk to. When she arrived at the cafe she found her friend there, pale as a ghost and she looked like she hadn’t slept in a week. Turns out her parents joined some cult of a Shining God and tried dragging her into it. She barely managed to escape with her life and was on the run. She just needed someone to hear her story in case she didn’t make it out of this alive. Sven couldn’t believe her ears when she heard this and jumped at the chance to protect her friend from these cultists. She let her stay the night, and that night a mark appeared on Sven’s left hand though she didn’t notice it. The next day they set off in her truck and made for the border to try to get her into another country when suddenly a truck slammed into the side of hers. Ears ringing and vision blurry with blood, Sven ripped the door off of her truck in anger and pushed the truck a good five feet away from her own, much to her surprise. Her left hand burned. Ripping away her gloves she saw the mark glowing and when she looked up these robed smiling cultists stepped out of the truck. They were her friends parents and they had no eyes, but walked like they could see. Sven quickly rushed them, she punched and kicked like a madman, trying to protect her friend but one of them pulled out a gun and with a few quick shots, she fell to the ground. The last thing she remembers was beginning to stand up and suddenly the earth falling out from underneath her and falling into black.


After that she found herself in Faerun and quickly set about using her powers for good, thinking this some kind of purgatory.








She met Astorea and with her help they founded The Valkyrie’s Chosen, and Sven immediately set about recruiting anyone who would help fight Dorem. After spending many months together Sven began falling for this elven woman she had been able to call friend. The time flew with them working against this newfound enemy and as their camaraderie grew so did her feelings. She finally got the courage one day to take Astorea to the Royal Gardens for a date where she got on one knee and proposed. The custom was an earth one but it was not lost upon Astorea. They quickly wed and enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon away from the horrors of the world for a short time but like with all things during war, it was cut short and they were called back to the front lines.


Sven is a caring, protective, and jovial person who puts others needs ahead of her own. If there was anyone that was fit to lead a just cause, it would be her.

Billy Pendragon

Billy comes from a world where magic is just an everyday part of life. Billy was just finishing up his last year of community wizarding college when he decided to go to a wild sorcerer's party one night. He left to the party and the night was a blur, when he awoke he was the only one left alive. Everyone in the house was sacrificed to summon a creature of the outer planes. Billy stumbled up and knocked over the magical beer pong table alerting the being. They stood there with white robes and a strange expressionless pallid mask. They slowly marched towards Billy, and he panicked and tried to run. No matter how fast he ran he couldn't seem to get away from the creature, and to top it off he couldn't escape the house. 



He quickly locked himself in a room and raced his mind to prepare a few spells. He wouldn't be caught pants down with this planar fool! He prepared a fire bolt when from behind him he heard a rustle. He whipped around and the being grabbed his left hand, extinguishing the flame and crushed his hand. Billy passed out from the pain and woke up in a small shack filled with root vegetables. Stumbling out of it he saw a half orc with spectacles and two tattooed elves. "So, like, are you guys the cops or something?" Since then Billy has been the portal mage for the Valkyrie's Chosen and just goes along for the ride.

Riley Tyler

Riley is a local from Sanctuary. Born and raised within the walls of this fine city, Riley has loved her home with all of her heart and seeks to protect it from the monstrosities that seek to destroy it. Joining the local guard force she did her best to try to make a difference in her neighborhood. During a patrol she rounded the corner with her two partners and witnessed something terrible. A large rubbery black skinned winged creature with no face was sifting through a person's stomach as though looking through a coin purse. Her partners snapped immediately and took off screaming. Riley's first instinct was to draw her sword and take out this creature before it hurt anyone. 

Going into autopilot, she charged forward with her blade and sliced at the creature. The two exchanged blows and just as the Chosen were arriving at the scene to take out the creature, Sven watched as Riley delivered the final blow into the creatures chest. Pulling out her sword with a tired angry look on her face she non nonchalantly pointed it towards the Chosen and said, "Don't worry citizens... you're safe.". Wiping off her blade she walked away to the nearest tavern. She was shortly recruited to the ranks of the Chosen afterwards and joined the Valkyrie's Chosen at Sven's request. Now Riley just does her best to try to keep these creatures out of her home.


The Chosen


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