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Quintos the Conqueror


Communications Officer



Quintos was born on a planet completely comprised of clones of one man, Gary. They would all do their assigned jobs, all eat the same meal, and all wear the clothes designated to the job. He hated it so much. He was certain other Gary’s must have hated it as well but no one ever talked about it because they were afraid of being replaced. One day he was working his office job when he finally snapped. A Gary came in and told them they all would work the next day, but he wanted to watch the birds near his house. No other Gary did this and it made him feel special, and this was his only day this month that he could watch them. He raised his hand and said “I'm sorry, I can't. I have plans”. Everyone stopped and stared. No Gary had ever had plans. Sure some had assignments and responsibilities but no Gary had their own independent plans.

Gary started getting irritated at the stares and his left hand began to itch. He said again “I have plans, so I'm not going to be here. Thanks.” And he went to sit back down.

The head Gary immediately got on the phone with security and this sent Jeff over the edge. Another thing that would ruin his plans! He took his pencil, walked over and stabbed the other Gary in the neck. “I HAVE PLANS! STOP RUINING MY DAY!!’. Security burst in and Gary quickly jumped out the window. He felt himself fade through the ground and everything faded to black and he found himself in Faerun where shortly after he met Astorea, the woman who would give him his first name and the woman who stole his heart. Gary has been obsessed with her ever since and refuses to join any other team other than the Oracle's even though he has no magic powers. The powers granted to him by his symbol is to create clones of himself, who he despises but often uses them to do the record keeping for the Oracles since he can get a lot done at once.

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